Mac Development Setup

I recently switched to a brand new MacBook Pro to use for personal use. I use my laptop as my development machine. The following is steps I took to setup my development environment.

Configure Computer

Setting up computer name

The default computer name is setup something like Arul’s MacBook Pro which is not useful for my purpose. I change the computer name to single word that is easier to use.

    sudo scutil  --set HostName “arulmbp”
    sudo scutil  --set LocalHostName "arulmbp"
    sudo scutil  --set ComputerName “arulmbp"

Configure Encryption

Enable encryption of the hard drive in system preferences.


  • type javac on the command line in Mac
  • Follow the instructions from the dialog that opens up


Install Xcode from App Store.

  • Xcode -> Preferences
    • Add Account
    • Download Components

Brew - The missing package manager for Mac

The first thing I install on Mac is brew, the package manager for Mac. Installing brew is using by following the steps in


brew install git
pbcopy <

Once the ssh key is generated, install it in all git repository services

Installing iTerm2

iTerm2 is command shell which is a great command shell replacement to the default. Once iTerm2 is installed, I configure the application as follows

  • Preferences->Profiles->text
    • Change Text font to 20 Point Monaco
    • Use Different font for non-ascii text
    • Change the Text font to 20 Point Monaco
  • Change Theme
    • Download SpaceGray Colour Scheme from iTerm Website
    • Preferences->Profiles->Colors
      • Import SpaceGray color scheme and switch to that scheme.

Content Restore

I use various cloud storage platform to backup my content. Need to set them up and sync to get my contents to new device

  • Mail
    • Configure mail accounts
    • change Fonts in Mail to 14 Points Font
  • Evernote
    • Install Evernote from Appstore
    • Login to Evernote Account
    • Sync Notes
    • Change Preferences to show Notebook List
    • Change Preferences to Show Tags List
  • OneNote
    • Install OneNote from AppStore
    • sync notes
  • OneDrive
    • Signin to account
    • Sync only Select folders
      • Books
      • Reading
  • Dropbox
    • Install Dropbox client
    • Signin to account
  • Google Drive
    • Signin to gmail account
    • Sync Drive

Installing Jetbrains products

I used Jetbrains products and have all their products license. I install all the jet brains products

  • Products

    • Jetbrains Toolbox
    • Intellij Idea
    • Gogland IDE
    • PyCharm
    • Appcode
    • Phpstorm
    • WebStorm
    • Clion
    • Rubymine
    • DataGrip
    • Rider
  • Customization

    • Change the Theme to Darcula
    • Editor->Colours and Fonts -> Font
    • Save scheme as ARULDARK
    • Change Font Size to 20
    • Change Console Font to Size 20

Game Development Environment

I do hobbyist game development and use the following products for my development

  • Unity3D
  • Blender
  • Gimp
  • Audacity
  • Epics Game Launcher

Addition Brew Packages

In my development machine, I install the following additional brew packages by running

 brew install <package>
  • rbenv
  • pyenv
  • peen-virtualenv
  • go
  • redis
  • mercurial
  • mysql
  • postgres
  • brew tap homebrew/science
  • cask install xquartz
  • r
  • cask install rstudio
  • youtube-dl
  • libel
  • cask install atom
  • cask install macdown
  • ansible
  • brew tap homebrew/homebrew.php
  • php71
  • composer
  • composer global require “laravel/installer”
  • awscli
  • cask install mysqlworkbench
  • watchman
  • brew tap dart-lang/dart
  • dart
  • yarn
  • elixir
  • cask install virtual box
  • cask install vagrant
  • cask install vagrant-manager
  • cmake
  • boost
  • cask install calibre
  • cask install Reactotron
  • Node

Additional Applications

Install the following applications in the computer

  • Android Studio
  • Kindle
  • ClearView
  • Xamarin Studio
  • Skype
  • Sublime Text 3
  • Google Chrome
  • Slack
    • Change the Zoom level to 110% in accessibility
  • DbVisualizer (SQL Tool)
  • Install Postman
  • yED
  • kid3 (mp3 tagging software)
  • Visual Studio for Mac
  • WhatsApp Application
  • xmind pro
  • KeePassx
    • Database in one drive
  • Firefox
    • Install Adobe Flash player
    • Flash player download add-on for Firefox
  • Balamiq Mockups
    • License file in one drive

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